About Us

  • IRAN TRIP tour & travel agency has tried to offer different type of services in the field of tourism during the past years.
  • Our colleagues in IRAN TRIP have made their utmost effort to offer you the best travel and tourism enterprises through their knowledge as well as experience.
  • We hope to be able to meet all your requirements.
  • Tour & travel agency started its work in 2004 on the strength of the requisite documents and licenses obtained from the Civil Aviation Organization (CAO) and the State Organization for Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts & Tourism aiming at giving tour and travel services to our customers and also raising the services quality to higher levels based on the scientific principles of the tourism industry. Our new polices are based on the tourism marketing and optimum management, with the help of experienced and efficient staffs.

Our performances:

  • Quick and appropriate identification and satisfaction of the customers, needs.
  • Treating the customers and other tour and travel agencies staffs with the courtesy (respecting the customers right)
  • Identification of new tourism places in Iran and throughout the world.
  • Holding meetings for the members of the group tours to get familiar with the fellow travelers before starting the tour.
  • Presenting survey Questionnaire to the customers.
  • Operating INFO and incentive tours for the agency staffs and multiple travel customers.
  • Informing customers continuously   through social media, E-mail and our private website.
  • Benefiting from the customers suggestions in enhancing the quality of our services.

Our mission

  • Our objective is the identification of our customer needs and making our utmost attempts in their satisfaction and rendering them optimum and high quality services.
  • Our mission is to get our customers acquainted with Iran’s Tourist attractions & Iran’s rich culture, civilization and at the same time provide them an opportunity to get the ultimate pleasure in our country.


  • Holding domestic and international tours with special services.
  • Holding weekly European tours.
  • Operating exhibition, student, commercial, and scientific tours.
  • Obtaining visa.
  • Making reservation and issuing voucher for any hotel throughout the world with the most competitive prices less than 10 minutes.
  • Sailing tickets of all airlines, domestic and international.
  • Offering consultation services for different types of tours such as: ordinary, exhibition, student, etc.
  • Rendering VIP&CIP services.
  • Issuing travel insurance policies, international certificate, and issuing international SIM card.
  • Operating deluxe tours with luxurious ships.
  • Issuing European domestic tickets.
  • Operating and handling incoming tours.


  • Obtaining operation license from the State Organization for Cultural Heritage, Handicraft &Tourism.
  • Membership in IATA (International Air Transportation Association)
  • Obtaining operation license from the Civil Aviation Organization
  • Membership in the Iranian travel agency Proprietor’s Guild.

Ms Azadeh Merikhipour

  • Director Manager
  • Education: Master of English Translation
  • Work Experiences:
  • 26 years working in travel agency and experienced in ticketing.
  • 6 years Director manager of Iran Trip tour & Travel agency
  • Number: +989133155411
  • Email: azadeh@iran-trip.ir


  • Tour manager
  • Education: Master of Tourism Management
  • Work experiences:
  •  5years in the field of inbound & outbound tours in Iran Trip travel agency, and content provider for Iran’s packages. (cultural, adventure, art, historical….)
  • Familiar with all tourism destination of Iran.
  • Fluent in English and French languages.
  • +9809135747969
  • Email: negin@iran-trip.ir

Mr Mohammad Sajjadi

  • Tour Operator & Tour guide
  • Education: Master of English Translation
  • Work Experiences:
  • 6 years of tourist Guiding, 3 years of tour operatoring
  • WhatsApp: +989138647717
  • Email: info@iran-trip.ir