Aghil Aghili

Aghil Aghili

Aghil Aghili
No.108-Unit 5th -Floor 2nd

Onvani dead end-22nd bahman-

P.O box 8158666731
Isfahan, Iran




A knowledgeable and motivated individual with years of experience in organizing group tours in several areas; has the ability to motivate different sets of audience; has the ability to communicate effectively and possesses high degree of energy and enthusiasm.

Let’s tell you a little about my self

Professional Experience

  • Tour Guide-January 14th-2016
  • Tour Guide- August 20th-2015
  • Tour Guide-august 08th-2015
  • Tour Guide-march21th-2015

Responsibilities & official activities

  • Work and research for historical heritage and tourism organization
  • Work as a local guide in

Atigh – jame- mosque of Isfahan

  • Cooperate with historical heritage and tourism organization as thinker
  • Work as a liaison officer in Asian footstall champion league 2014 Organized activities and team’s exercises
  • Work as English tour guide in 15th anniversary of Freiburg-Isfahan partnership
  • Leader of radio-television and media group
  •  Guide and translator of  investment tour summit
  • Organized historical research and activities and team working exercises for adults.
  • Lead interesting tours to various groups


  • Bachelor of Science in Electronic, university of technology of Isfahan


  • Master degree in renewable energy, Tehran polytechnic 2014-2016


  • Extensive historical study about old monument of Isfahan and Iran
  • Ability to talk and work at the field of astronomy
  • Organizing of trips to deserts
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks
  • Ability to speak English
  • Studying Italian language
  • Member of Tour Guide historical heritage association

aghil aghili